Momoi Fluorocarbon Leader Pink


Momoi Fluorocarbon Leader Pink

Momoi Fluorocarbon Leader Pink

Pink 0.52mm 30lb 25 meters
Pink 0.62mm 40lb 25 meters
Pink 0.66mm 50lb 25 meters
Pink 0.74mm 60lb 25 meters
Pink 0.91mm 80lb 25 meters
Pink 1.05mm 100lb 25 meters
Pink 1.11mm 130lb 25 meters


This product is a further enhanced version of the Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon in terms of abrasion resistance.

It also comes in a pink tint that seems to blend even better into the water than the standard clear… Our verdict is still out on this, but we are seeing the pink more and more on our tuna trips, so just maybe!

With a wide range of sizes available from extra thin to thick, this is a utility fluorocarbon leader for versatile use.

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