Nomad Riptide 105 Sinking


Nomad Riptide 105 Sinking

Nomad Riptide 105 sinking range features the exclusive Matrix Metal Plate, Gorilla Through Wire, and HD Foam systems on models throughout the range.

These lures are 105cm long and weigh in at 35 grams, making them ideal for targeting GTs, YFTs, and other gamefish species!

A long sweep of the rod tip makes the head duck under with a splash, then as the water flows over the lure’s body a seductive body roll and ‘S’ wave action is imparted sub-surface.

The sinking variety has the internal weights placed to maximize casting but also to allow the lure to be retrieved with a sub-surface walk-the-dog action, which sees the lure able to turn nearly 180 degrees when retrieved slowly with a walk-the-dog “twitching” rod tip action – see video links above for details on how to use.

All Riptide lures are finished with a super tough triple-layer clear coat finish, applied by hand during production, which makes the paint and finishes super tough and durable.

All Nomad Design Lures come fitted with the highest quality super strong BKK hooks, chosen to balance perfectly with each lure and provide exceptional swimming actions and hookup rates for all species.

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