Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick


Looking for the perfect rod for your spinning reel. This is it! Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick at 8’0 long can handle 30lb to 80lb pressure!

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Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick

The all-powerful and ever-versatile Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick is certainly a rod you would grab first – on any outing to sea. If you analyze it, this rod is the one that allows you to take advantage of minute windows of opportunity when hunting ever-important live bait. When that tuna boils a hundred yards off the starboard bow, your Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick paired with a braid laden and quality spinning reel will put your lure right on top of its head. When you are busy with something and the bonito boil – you can still have a go at them and add to your live bait tubes. This rod should actually never stop working, all day long. The splash of a lure and it’s wild action can attract and bring other fish from the outskirts of your spread, in closer, where they can get a good look at your offerings. This is especially effective whilst slow trolling baits around pinnacles or ledges or drop-offs.

This versatility, coupled with some serious beef in the Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick’s backbone, can make all the difference to your day out.

Although this rod is rated an impressive 30lb to 80lb tackle, we would suggest 30lb braid to a max of 50lb. Yet the rig is light enough to wield all day long.

There are very many choices of reel to go onto your Okuma Metaloid Flick Stick. I cannot even start to make a recommendation, but all the reels available on this site, in the 30lb to 65lb range will work just perfectly.



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