Okuma Metaloid Jigging Stick


Right, so it’s time to explore the depths – get your Okuma Metaloid Jigging Stick and a powerful 50lb or so reel, and start cranking! The rewards await you.

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Okuma Metaloid Jigging Stick

Time to explore the deep. There are monsters down there! You best bring your Okuma Metaloid Jigging Stick, THE 7FT 2-PIECE HEAVY to be exact, with a powerful purpose-built jigging reel and hold on tight.

It’s hard work! For you. And for your tackle. You will need to hold on for all you are worth. And your tackle is going to be expected to do the same. Some of these fish deploy evil tactics too. Like yellowtail and amberjack. So you have got to get that fish’s nose up and pointing away from any sharp edges of any ledges or pinnacles nearby, real quick. And then crank! You need power. Lots of it.

And this is exactly what the Okuma Metaloid Jigging stick can do. It can deliver that power. Mated with a solid reel of the same quality that can do what is required – and you can feel confident that you alone are the weak link in the equation! The physical exertion you can be subjected to when attached to one of these ferocious fighters up in the 50 to 100lb mark – will live you with forever. But you can safely pull back as hard as is required knowing that your Okuma Metaloid Jigging Stick is up to the task.



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