Okuma Metaloid Popping Stick


The Okuma Metaloid Popping Stick is exactly what everyone needs! For when those tuna even try and come up the chum slick and get close!

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Okuma Metaloid Popping Stick

Okuma Metaloid Popping Stick shouts back at you – “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!”, as you hold your breath and watch those sickle fins and torpedo shapes zig-zagging up the line at you. You hold an hold, until you place your lob cast just behind the shoal.

One crank. BANG!

That’s tuna fishing that we really like. And you will be really grateful for the power that popping sticks actually carries to the argument.

popping big poppers in the right place at the right time can also get you to big trouble with kingfish. The GT! And yes, you have to turn that guys real quick. In Mozambique, where a huge GT, like the 30s snd 40s, can ambush you when you least expect it – these huge fish love the shallows and all the advantages they bring – like sharp corals and rocks. So, they have developed a special drag setting. It’s called…

GT drag!

And it’s full blast, the guys up there crank the drag up until it can’t turn anymore. COnsidering that they tie themselves to these huge kingfish with 100lb braid, you can just imagine the chaos and strain that hit hard, when a GT tries to turn it;s huge muscular head. I’ve been a part of this and have grabbed hold of many a hapless angler as he us pulled across or down the length f the boat!

You need good tackle for this kind of sport. Start with a Okuma Metaloid Popping Stick.

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