Okuma SLX Boat Rod 701


The Okuma SLX Boat Rod is that perfect all-rounder that can be used to target almost all gamefish. Especially when mated with a modern lightweight reel.

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Okuma SLX Boat Rod 701

The Okuma SLX Boat rod 701 features e-glass and aluminiumFuji construction materials. Double foot guide frames. With silicone carbide inserts. Durable grips. Which set you up for long, torturous tug-of-war events with bad-mooded opposition party fish.

Their use of modern technology for construction with ultralight composite materials mean that power can be light and easy to manage. Especially when mated with a sensible graphite composite fishing reel, as opposed to the heavy aluminium that was the de facto past. Those big gold reels are quite cool when stuck in a holder or in a fighting chair. But your even cooler looking graphite composite reel is far ore useable- far more durable and capable. Light-weight strong-drag reels of nowadays. Which you can whip around and change holders or position with absolute ease. And in a long fight, the light outfit really makes a difference.

In fact,  a 16/20/25 sized reel filled with braid and a decent top shot, on an Okuma SLX Boat Rod 701 Medium Heavy, is all you will ever need to chase down those smaller billfish. And you can do it stand up style! A helluva lot more fun. A stand-up fight is better in so many ways. Just make sure you are tied on aswell!

Going for a lighter reel, like a 16/20/25 or so, will still give you enough line capacity and match the rods pulling power at those easier drag levels. The 701 is rated at only 10 to 15kgs. But I would fish the outfit with 50lb rather to be more of an all-rounder.

I wouldn’t think twice about dragging a live bonnie with a strong set of treble hooks, on this rod.

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