OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader – 85Lb


38.6Kg, 1 x 1m Leader

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OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader – 85Lb


The OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader – 85Lb is a game-changer in the world of carp fishing. As an avid carp fisherman, I have had the pleasure of using this exceptional leader, and I must say, it has significantly enhanced my fishing experience. With its outstanding durability, strength, and reliability, this leader is truly a must-have for any serious angler.

The blend of Kevlar and other high-quality materials ensures superior strength, allowing you to tackle even the largest and feistiest carp with ease. I’ve had countless instances where the leader has withstood intense fights, showing no signs of wear or weakness. Its robust nature gives me the confidence to land those trophy-worthy catches.

Another notable feature is the excellent knot strength. The OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader securely holds knots, providing peace of mind during those critical moments. No angler wants to lose a potential catch due to a faulty or weak knot. With this leader, you can trust that your knots will hold tight, keeping your bait presentation intact and increasing your chances of success.

When it comes to the rigging process, the carp fisherman can employ the OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader in various ways. One common approach is using it as a shock leader. The high tensile strength of the leader allows it to absorb the initial force when casting heavy weights or during the carp’s explosive runs. This not only protects your mainline but also ensures a smooth and controlled fight, minimizing the risk of line breakage.

Furthermore, the leader can be utilized as a hook link. Its abrasion resistance makes it ideal for fishing in snaggy or weedy areas where carp tend to seek cover. The Fuzed Kevlar Leader acts as a shield, guarding your hook against potential snags and preventing costly losses.

The OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader is an outstanding product that caters to the needs of carp fishermen. Its durability, strength, and knot-holding capabilities make it a reliable choice for battling big carp. Whether you’re using it as a shock leader or a hook link, this leader will undoubtedly enhance your rigging process and give you the confidence to tackle any carp fishing challenge that comes your way. Invest in the OMC Blend Big Beast Fuzed Kevlar Leader, and you won’t be disappointed.

Available at Fishing Pro Shop, 5 Graham Road, Shere, Pretoria.

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