OMC Blend Tungsten Putty – 25g


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OMC Blend Tungsten Putty – 25g


OMC Blend Tungsten Putty – 25g, is a game-changer for anglers, especially carp fishermen when they do their own rigging. This versatile and innovative product is designed to provide anglers with a convenient and effective way to adjust the weight and balance of their fishing rigs.

Weighing 25g, the OMC Blend Tungsten Putty is dense and malleable, allowing anglers to mold it into various shapes and sizes. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for carp fishermen who need precise control over the weight distribution of their rigs. By simply pinching off the desired amount of putty and molding it onto the fishing line or around the hook, anglers can fine-tune the presentation of their bait.

One of the key benefits of using OMC Blend Tungsten Putty is its ability to sink and stay in place. Unlike traditional split-shot or lead weights that may shift or move during the cast or when the bait is in the water, this tungsten putty remains securely attached to the line. This feature is crucial for carp fishermen who rely on the rig’s stability and perfect balance to entice the wary carp.

Furthermore, the tungsten material used in the putty is eco-friendly, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious anglers. Tungsten is non-toxic and does not harm aquatic life or the ecosystem, ensuring a sustainable fishing experience.

Another advantage of OMC Blend Tungsten Putty is its camouflage properties. It seamlessly blends with the surrounding substrate, such as muddy or weedy bottoms, making it virtually undetectable to fish. This natural presentation enhances the angler’s chances of attracting carp, which are known for their cautious feeding behavior.

With the OMC Blend Tungsten Putty, anglers can have greater control over their fishing rigs, increasing their chances of success on the water.

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