OMC Revibed Bait Orbs 15mm


Qty: 5 bait orbs per pack

Availability: 6 in stock

OMC Revibed Bait Orbs 15mm

The OMC Revibed Bait Orbs 15mm in diameter for paste and soluble baits!

These baits can offer so much attraction when trying to generate quick bite in testing conditions.

The Neutral buoyancy Bait Orbs open up an endless world of possibilities. You can put absolutely anything inside them to create the ultimate hook bait!

Allowing you to keep the most soluble and attractive Baits on your Rig! The protection, of the rubber cage & its holes, allows for water movement and the ability to create magical hook baits.

Let your imagination go wild!

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we carry a wide range of specimen carp gear for all anglers.

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