OMC Rig Ready



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OMC Rig Ready

The OMC Rig Ready is the ultimate rig storage transportation system, PERIOD!!!. The Rig Ready brings a patented solution that puts an end to so many problems that we face as an angler!

No MORE hooks being hung in rod rings.
No MORE kinked hook links/leaders.
No MORE leads swinging & hitting rod blanks.
No MORE risk of a sharp hook burying itself in your finger.
No MORE chances of seeing a perfectly sharp hook damaged as you transport rods throughout your session.

This unique product allows you to house your perfectly tied rig, hook, lead, and lead system all in one place and have it strapped to your rod before, during, or after your session so you’re ready to fish with perfectly conditioned rigs every time. The patented Rig Ready ensures you’re fishing with perfect efficiency in double quick time.

Moving swims has never been easier, going stalking has never been slicker and if you’re a hardened big water angler using boats to drop your rigs, The Rig Ready can be used expertly to place your rig inside whilst maneuvering the boat to your given area, taking the rig out with the lead, hookbait and sharp hook all already good to go, you will fish more effectively and quicker.

The sacred ONE MORE CAST has never been easier.

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