OMC Vitabitz Silicon Sleeves


Qty: 20 sleeves per pack

OMC Vitabitz Silicon Sleeves

OMC Vitabitz Silicon Sleeves are essential parts of any carp fishing rig, offering numerous benefits that enhance your fishing rig!

Designed with quality and performance in mind, these silicon sleeves provide versatility and functionality.

One of the primary uses of OMC Vitabitz Silicon Sleeves is to secure and protect knots on various rigs. These sleeves create a buffer zone and prevent knots from being damaged.  This ensures the integrity and strength of your rig, increasing your chances of landing that elusive carp.

The silicon sleeves also streamline and improve presentation. By sliding a sleeve onto the hook shank, you can create an anti-eject setup! This effectively reduces the chances of the fish ejecting the bait…

In conclusion, the OMC Vitabitz Silicon Sleeves are indispensable tools for carp fishing. With their knot protection and anti-eject capabilities, these sleeves are a must-have for anglers looking to enhance their fishing success.

Upgrade your fishing gear with OMC Vitabitz Silicon Sleeves and experience the convenience and effectiveness they bring to your carp fishing adventures.

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