Pulsator Banana Chin Weight1


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Pulsator Banana Chin Weight1

Pulsator Banana Chin Weight1 is a new innovation from Pulsator lures.  This chin weight comes in at 2.5 oz, this makes it suitable for bigger dead baits like Bonnies, Shad, and Walla Walla.

This weight sits nicely under the chin of the bait ensuring that the bait swims in an upright position. With a bait swimming strait, you will catch more fish and spend less time undoing tangles!

We at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria believes that this will be perfect when targeting Couta(King Mackerel) and other gamefish species that love dead baits.

Perfect for slow trolling or left out on a trap stick while drifting…

Be sure to try one of these on your next trip off-shore!

We run a bunch of video channels too, on YouTube – right here is a saltwater list that is going to be growing flat out over the next short while…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9x3LJ5X4rQ&list=PLzTX1fwVYeILFKeRj67roCtHBJuEtpr8K

Post by The Sardine News for The Fishing Pro Shop.




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