Rapala X-Rap 30


The heavy-duty Rapala X-Rap 30 is the go-to solution for heavy-duty gamefish. Like tuna, wahoo, ‘couta and even a billfish will jump on of these these.



Rapala X-Rap 30

When it’s those gas-bottle sized and weighted yellowfin tuna, the Rapala X-Rap 30 is literally, everyone’s first choice. Rigged super-strong with today’s 4X graded treble hooks, grace this guy with some decent leader, and off you go. All the big species of gamefish, including billfish, are on this lure’s target list. It is robust and strong and good for years and years of service. Put this lure on a big outfit and hold tight.

Fish one of these big guys really close to the transom and see what happens – it’s almost always the first rod to go in a multiple strike, every time. We also leave on of these guys out in the chum slick, and as the boat rocks in the swell, the Rapala X-Rap erratically swims along – and you don’t even have to bait it up.

And, they cast really well too, landing nicely every time. So, with a few of these Rapala x-Rap 30 s, you are in the game for all kinds of game fishing situations – trolling, drifting and casting. Chuck one of these at those tuna when they come up on the surface – and hold on tight!


The XRMAG30 swims a solid 30 inches below the surface. It is 6-1/4″ long and weighs in at 2-1/2 oz. She is rigged with two powerful 4/0 trebles that can be trusted.

If you would like to chat further or have any questions regarding the ever-reliable X-Rap trolling and casting lures and how to use them most effectively, please do not hesitate to contact us via this quick form. We will get back to you asap.

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Blue Sardine, Bonito, Bunker, Dorado, Firetiger, Ghost, Gold Green Mackerel, Hot Head, Purple Mackerel, Redhead, Silver, Silver Blue Mackerel, Yellowfin Tuna, Lumine Scent UV, Pearl Orange, Silver Blue, Blue Bonito


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