Shilton CR2 Black


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Shilton CR2 Black

The Shilton CR2 Black is the latest reel in the Shilton freshwater line up.

The CR series, which is available in three different sizes for line weights 3 to 8 has a super large arbor design that offers rapid, yet smooth line retrieval with less line memory.

The CR2 will comfortably hold 50 meters of 20lb Dacron backing with a W5I line. If you need more capacity we can spool with braid.

Although I use my CR2 with a WF5I line for trout I prefer this beauty for nymphing and a perfect match for my WF4F set-up.

My favorite feature on all Shilton reels is the smooth drags with near-zero start-up inertia. This has allowed me to fish with thinner and thinner tippets resulting in more bite, fewer break-offs, and more fish to show!

Shiltons have become world-renowned reels for all the right reasons and best of all they are made right here in South Africa!

Data from Shilton below:

CR2 8.8cm / 127g / 3-4 / WF3 F + 60m 20# / WF4 F + 50m 20lbs 3,5” / 4,5oz / 3-4 / WF3 F + 65yd 20# / WF4 F + 55 yd. 20lbs
CR3 9.7cm / 140g / 5-6 / WF5 F + 140m 20# / WF6 F + 100m 20lbs 3,8” / 4,9oz / 5-6 / WF5 F + 155yd 20# / WF6 F + 110 yd. 20lbs
CR4 10.6cm / 156g / 7-8 / W75 F + 160m 30# / WF8 F + 140m 30lbs 4,2” / 5,5oz / 7-8 / 7-8 / W75 F + 175yd. 30# / WF8 F + 150yd. 30lb

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