Shilton SL6 Titanium


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Shilton SL6 Titanium

When the very first saltwater Shilton SL6 Titanium reels were introduced to the market, they were an instant success.

All major guiding operations and their guides, retail stores and the general fly fishing public began talking about a new reel. Designed and manufactured in South Africa!

Built to handle harsh saltwater environments and tackle busting fish. That was sixteen years ago, and the SL range is still rated among the best in the world!

This is a 9/10 wt reel, we can strongly suggest this as great Tigerfish reel. Especially if you are going to use a 9/10 wt floating line for some top water Tigerfish fun! This reel will be at home in the Zambezi of any jungle river. Ideal for Peacock Bass, Tigerfish and all other freshwater game fish!

The SL6 is also popular for walking the flats in search of bonefish and permits.

Some clients have even used it with great effect on big barbel.

Data below from Shilton:

SL4 9.1cm / 200g / 5-6 / WF6 F + 140m 20lbs 3.6″ / 7.0 oz./ 5-6 / WF7 I + 150 yd. 20lbs
SL5 9,1cm / 215g / 7-8 / WF7 I + 250m 20lbs 3.6″ / 7.6 oz. / 7-8 / WF7 I + 275 yd. 20lbs
SL6 9,7cm / 230g / 9-10 / WF9 I + 210m 30lbs 3.8″ / 8.1 oz. / 9-10 / WF9 I + 230 yd. 30lbs
SL7 10,9cm / 290g / 12-14 / WF12 S + 350m 30lbs 4.3″ / 10.2 oz. / 12-14 / WF12 S + 380 yd. 30lbs
SL8 12.6cm /418g / 14-16 / WF14 S + 550m 30lbs 5″ / 14.7 oz. / 14-16 / WF14 S + 600 yd. 30lbs

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