Shimano Aerlex XTB


Shimano Aerlex XTB

Shimano Aerlex XTB series is a tough, budget-minded reel fitted with Instant Drag designed for heavy-duty work!!!

AERLEX 10000 XTB 15KG 4,6:1 0.35-400M 645 GRAM  2+1 BEARING
AERLEX 10000 SPOD 15KG 5,3:1 0.35-400M 650 GRAM  2+1 BEARING


These reels are perfect for specimen carp fishing. The new cosmetic design and the superb Aero Wrap II line lay with 2-speed Oscillation, combined with the AR-C spool produces an excellent casting performance.

A high torque 4,6:1 retrieve ratio gives the Aerlex the power to deal with heavy leads over rough ground.

The SPOD version is equipped with a higher gear ratio of 5,3:1, which equals a retrieve of 115 cm, to make sure that the spod can be retrieved fast so more time can be spent fishing.

The Aerlex will also double as a light-duty rock and surf reel. Paired with a light 10 to 12-foot graphite rod and 30lb braid this will be perfect for targeting edible species like blacktail, shad, and Kob.

However, we see the most demand from anglers entering the world of long-range specimen carp angling. Spooled with a 25lb sinking braid this reel can get you fishing out to about 400m and the gears are strong enough to keep going for a good few seasons!

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10000 XTB, 10000 SPOD

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