Shimano Caius


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Shimano Caius


Caius 150 HG 5KG 7.2:1  0.25-150 210 GRAM 3+1 BEARINGS


One of the best things about Shimano, and I guess most manufacturers is that technology from previous flagship models keeps shifting down in the range. This is exactly what has happened with the new Shimano Caius 150 HG, the entry point into the world of Shimano baitcasters…

The Caius is a compact, versatile, and durable baitcasting reel, designed with lure casting in mind. The Super Free Spool improves casting performance and the 6-pin VBS (Variable Braking System) keeps backlash to a minimum with all lure sizes and weights.

As kids growing up we had to deal with magnetic cast controls on our Shimanos with the famed VBS System only available on Curado’s and up. So what does the VBS do?

Before VBS, all baitcasting reels relied on a system of magnets to help prevent backlashes. But, by design, a magnetic system shortens casting distance because there is constant pressure on the spool for the duration of the cast… With VBS, centrifugal force works to create friction and prevent the spool from over-running. And it only comes into effect when spool speed threatens to overrun. Please pop in so that we can show you how to set your VBS up perfectly.

The Caius is the perfect entry-level baitcaster to start off with or for the occasional weekend angler. Sure you can buy cheaper entry-level baitcasters, but in our opinion, you are buying trouble!

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