Shimano Intenza


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Shimano Intenza

Shimano Intenza was designed for those who want more from their rod.


INTENZA 69 M CASTING 8-15   LB 1/4-1/2   0Z 1-PIECE
INTENZA 610 MH CASTING 10-20 LB 1/4-3/4   OZ 1-PIECE
INTENZA 72 MH CASTING 10-20 LB 1/4-3/4   OZ 1-PIECE
INTENZA 72 MHG CASTING 10-20 LB 1/4-3/4   OZ 1-PIECE
INTENZA 74 H CASTING 15-30 LB 1/2-11/2 OZ 1-PIECE
INTENZA 76 MHG CASTING 10-20 LB 1/4-3/4   OZ 1-PIECE
INTENZA 78 XH CASTING 20-40 LB 3/4-2       OZ 1-PIECE
INTENZA 70 MS SPINNING 8-15   LB 3/16-5/8 OZ 1-PIECE

Built from the ground up with targeting Bass.

The Intenza series features a range of technique-specific actions for any application that you might require!

From finesse baits in the dead of winter to punching grass mats in summer.

These rods feature grip surface technology from G Alpha™and perfectly paired with a Shimano custom reel seat for the ultimate in comfort.

We carry one of the widest range of Shimano Baitcasters and Spinning reels to match your new rod!

Pop into our Pretoria branch to check out our wide range of the finest fishing bass tackle available in South Africa.

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Length + Action

6'9 M Casting, 6'10 MH Casting, 7'2 MH Casting, 7'2 MH Casting G, 7'4 H Casting, 7'6 MH Casting G, 7'8 XH Casting, 7'0 M Spinning

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