Shimano Metanium DC XG


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Shimano Metanium DC XG

The Shimano Metanium DC XG with a gear ratio of 8.5:1 is the ultimate reel to cover large areas while searching for elusive bass!
Fitted with the award-winning Shimano DC braking system that monitors the spool with a microchip system up to 1000 times per second that will allow you to make a long cast, cast after cast without having to worry about the dreaded bird’s nest!!!
Shimano even takes this a step further with the ability to fine-tune the Shiman Metanium DC braking system to best match line type and conditions to ensure maximum casting distance can be achieved.

If this fancy tech is not enough the reel also comes standard with these features:

  • CI4+ Body
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Hagane Body
  • Micro Module Gear
  • 9+1 S ARB Bearings
  • X-Ship Gearing
  • 8.5:1 Gear ratio

Pair the Shimano Metanium DC XG with a Duckett rod for the ultimate in performance and sensitivity!

At first, I was skeptical about microchips in a fishing reel until I fished with a friend. He had two identical set-ups with Duckett Cranking rods, one with a Metanium and the other with a Metanium DC. Not to miss an opportunity I proceeded to tie on two identical Azuma Jerkbaits and hurled both into the wind… The difference in distance was astounding!

We run a bunch of video channels too, on YouTube – right here is a saltwater list that is going to be growing flat out over the next short while…

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