Shimano Ocea Jigger F-Custom


Shimano Ocea Jigger F-Custom

1000 HG 7KG 6.4:1 20LB 300M 430 GRAMS 8+1 BEARINGS
1500 HG 7KG 6.4:1 30LB 300M 430 GRAMS 8+1 BEARINGS
2000 NR 10KG 6.2:1 40LB 300M 605 GRAMS 8+1 BEARINGS
3000 10KG 6.2:1 50LB 300M 605 GRAMS 8+1 BEARINGS


Shimano Ocea Jigger F-Custom finally here!

We are super stoked to see the fall lever has found its way onto the Ocea Jigger!

With the latest shape of the fall lever, you can now control the descent of your jig with precision. This allows anglers to focus on detecting bites during the descent.

The handle knob has been re-designed to be lighter and give a better grip to facilitate mid-deep jigging.

Complementing the fall lever are the Infinity Drive and Micromodule Gear II to provide a smooth cranking experience. We recommend sizes 1000 and 1500 for mid-deep games and sizes 2000 and 3000 for large game fish.

We love jigging and popping here at Fishing Pro Shop and have one of the widest selections of SPECIALIST jigging and popping rods in South Africa.

Our fishing mad staff has fished far and wide making it possible to give you the best possible advice on places like Alsaka, Nicaragua, St Lazarus, and Mafia Islands.

We are on Facebook at HTTP:// call us on 012 809 3334.



Reel Size

1000 HG, 1500 HG, 2000 NR, 3000

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