Shimano Sienna FG


Shimano Sienna FG


Sienna 500 2KG 5.6:1 0.20MM 110M 195 GRAMS 3+1  BEARINGS
Sienna 1000 3KG 5.0:1 0.20MM 140M 225 GRAMS 3+1  BEARINGS
Sienna 2500 4KG 5.0:1 0.25MM 160M 250 GRAMS 3+1  BEARINGS
Sienna 3000 8KG 5.0:1 0.25MM 210M 250 GRAMS 3+1  BEARINGS
Sienna 4000 8KG 5.2:1 0.30MM 180M 320 GRAMS 3+1  BEARINGS


Shimano Sienna FG is an all-around budget-minded spinning reel that is popular all over the world.

This is the ideal choice for the angler who is just starting out.

Don’t let the price fool you, this is a very reliable reel that will catch fish as long as the angler is patient…

At this price point, we see many reels with all sorts of “fancy” features on the side of the box, but we also see them coming back in droves!!!!

The Sienna does not pretend to have a bunch of fancy features.

The Sienna comes standard with all the qualities Shimano is known for, strong and smooth gearing, aluminum spool, and a strong XT-7 body.

We love the fact that you can spool this reel with mono or braid, add a two-piece graphite rod. Grab a hand full of lures and be out fishing for bass with change to spare!

For more info on our range of spinning reels feel free to pop into our Pretoria Store or call us on 012 809 3334.


Reel Size

500, 1000, 2500, 3000, 4000

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