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MGL 70 5.5KG  6.3:1 0.285-100 200 GRAM 4+1 BEARINGS
MGL 70 XG 5.5KG  8.2:1 0.285-100 200 GRAM 4+1 BEARINGS


Shimano SLX MGL 70  is the latest addition to the highly-touted family of SLX reels!

The SLX MGL 70 features Shimano’s low inertia MGL Spool in a compact 70-size reel. The MGL Spool excels in the castability of both finesse and heavy lures, while the compact size of the SLX MGL 70 makes it a perfect reel for light-line applications as well as flipping and pitching.

But don’t count the SLX MGL 70 out in heavy-cover situations because of its compact size, the Cross Carbon Drag provides more than enough stopping power to keep trophy bass out of the trees.

The SLX MGL 70 incorporates Shimano’s SVS Infinity Braking System. This well-tested and proven system increases casting distance and enables anglers to achieve the ideal cast by easily making adjustments from the palming side plate.

Just like the rest of the SLX family, the SLX MGL 70 is built with the same tournament-ready, rigid HAGANE Body for increased durability and a lifetime of performance.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we stock the XG and 70 Model sporting a gear ratio of 8.2:1 and 6.3:1 with the powerful drag of 12lb allowing you the chance to taking control of an angry bass early in the fight!!!

This is the perfect reel for all-day bass fishing, from a tournament to just a fun day out!

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Reel Size

70, 70 XG

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