Shimano Spheros 8000 SW


The Shimano Spheros 8000 SW pushes the boundary with it’s 27lbs of drag and pulling power. It really feels like the far more expensive outfits available.

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Shimano Spheros 8000 SW

The Shimano Spheros 8000 SW pushes the boundaries further – with increased capacity and power. In fact, at 27lbs of drag, this is a beast of a spinning reel. That power puts you in the big league and aiming at yellowfin tuna and the like. The 8000 is also a real nice size for spending those peaceful early moments throwing a lure at the sunrise. Knowing that when you do hook a feisty Garrick, you have the power to stay in charge.

About the Spheros range

The Shimano Spheros inherits many of the legacy features from the higher end Shimano spinning reels, like the Stella, Twin-Power and Saragosa. Yet it is put together at a more economical price point. One that we can all appreciate.

The Shimano Spheros carries many of the qualities from the top-of-the-range reels down with it. Like serious waterproofing. Generous use of metal alloys. And graphite. Resulting in a lighter yet more robust package that can be applied to many fishing situations.

Hagane cold-forged gears and body – This new material makes for huge improvements in strength and corrosion. The technology is passed down from the higher end reels like the Stella, Twin-power and Saragosa.

X-Ship Technology – the power train features enhanced strength and smoothness

X-Shield – keep that salt and dirt out!

Cross-Carbon Drag system – stronger and smoother legacy proven drag systems

Shielded A-RB® ball bearings – built to last

Cold-forged aluminum spool – strong and reliable


The Shimano Spheros 8000 SW can crank 38 inches per wind. It can apply and incredibly powerful 27lbs of drag, which is a lot no matter what you are fishing for! If you fish monofilament, you can fit 14/345, 16/250 or 20/1855 or if you go with the more fun braid at 240/340, 50/265 or 65/215. 65lb Braid! He weighs 16 ounces and runs at a powerful 4.6:1 gear ratio.

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