Shimano Stella 5000 XGC


Shimanos relentless search for perfection continues with the latest iteration of the world-famous Stella with the introduction of the latest Stella 5000 XGC.


Shimano Stella 5000 XGC

Shimanos relentless search for the perfection continues with the latest iteration of the world famous Stella with the introduction of the latest Stella 5000 XGC.

We have not fished this model yet, but I am sure it will be another light tackle beast like all the Stellas before.

According to the Shimano website the new Shimano Stella 5000 XGC  has been improved on many points  making her even stronger, more durable and more powerful than the previous models. The  is built to Shimano Stella 5000 XGC is  very strong and powerful, making it possible to fish for big salt water species with light spinning tackle.

Sporting a gear ratio of 6.2:1(105cm per crank of the handle) she will be lightning fast like the previous Stella 5000’s making this the ideal reel to do anything from castings small spoons at Bonito or other off-shore bait fish.

The new Shimano Stella 5000 XGC has a few upgrades like the new Infinity Drive that has been introduced to complement the existing X-Ship system to deliver light and powerful winding. As a result, handle rotation torque is reduced by 26% when compared to the conventional system, so winding, even under extreme load, is now even easier.

This will be greatly welcomed when winding big high drag spinners on the Zambezi River or elsewhere in search of massive Tigerfish!

Spool up with 20/30lb braid if long distance casting is the game or 40lb when it is time for big tigers or light jigging in shallow water.

I have never seen or heard of a Stella with a poor drag and this Stella will be no different with a max stated drag of 13kg. We often have clients asking for more drag, but considering that it is unlikely that you will ever fish heavier than 40lb braid on this reel then the 13kg /30lb of drag should be more than sufficient.

The  Shimano Stella 5000 XGC comes in at 420g and I would say that is a lot of power in a very light package that will be appreciated after a few days of non stop casting

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