Shimano Stella 10000 PGC


The SHIMANO STELLA SW 10000 HGC put’s you at the very top of the game. This is tackle you can bet the farm on – and come up with the winning fish, every time.



The SHIMANO STELLA 10000 PGC is for when everything comes down to that single, unforgettable, torturous moment, when it all hangs in the balance. That 100lb fish. That GT you have been searching continents and islands for. That dogtooth that slammed you on the edge of a never-ending cliff. Or that tarpon, thousands of miles from home – your ultimate fish. Your dream come true.

That is what the STELLA SW 10000 PGC is for…

When you got to the extreme lengths that it takes, to encounter the extreme fish – that you have been chasing over waters far and wide…you cannot take any chances with your tackle. So tackle up, get into the stable of pros…get into a SW 10000.

Aside from being this ultimate jigging machine that has made it so infamous for, the STELLA SW 10000 PGC can be fished in all sorts of waters, for all sorts of fish, in all sorts of applications. The reel is so strong, so well engineered, that it can handle fish far bigger and meaner than reels of comparative size. They are as close to bulletproof as can be, and the drags are super smooth and super strong – with loads of adjustment available.

With a relatively slow gear ratio of 4.9:1 this reel is ideal for jigging with 50, 65 or even 80lb braid and will be a great back-up to one of the faster Stellas for Popping.

Read story of marlin on Stella right here…

Blue Marlin on a Stella

Here we have another bit of video, this one is from the Stella crew themselves, explaining in broken English, the new features and strengths of the Stella SW series.

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