The Shimano Stella SW 14000 XGC is built to handle high-speed situations, in both directions! Maxed out line capacity combined with high-speed retrieves put this reel into a very specialist bracket. Think bait and switch. Think surface lures and huge casts. Think speed.



Although the Shimano Stella 14000 XGC is the highest in nomenclature, of the mid-range Salt Water series, the price stays the same as the SW 10000 Stella. As does the purpose and application. Catching trophy fish. There are just some slight nuances between the models that would make you choose one over the other. In any given situation.

The Shimano Stella 14000 XGC is a premium Popping reel with a high gear ratio of 6.2:1 and ideally spooled with 300yds of 80lb braid. It is to be noted that the 14000 XGC has a 25kg stated drag!!!   If you were going to target bad-mannered GT’s in the bricks, then take the ultra-powerful Stella 14000.

If jigging is the game consider the 10000/20000 models, their lower gear ratios are much better suited.

But if you are a bait and switcher like some marlin freaks out there, then the 18000/20000 or even 30000 would be better since a Blue Marlin will smoke 500 metres off you in a few seconds flat.

Personally, I think every angler should have all three! Ha ha ha! .

Here you can watch some video from the team at Stella, explaining the newest innovations and features, that have been incorporated across the entire Stella range.

Watch this space as we work on each product’s profile…building them up until they become the go-to source of real information about each item.

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