Shimano Stella SW 6000 XGC


When the stakes are high, and you are hitting the long yards, it’s best to go into battle carrying a Shimano Stella SW 6000 HG around with you.


Shimano Stella SW 6000 XGC

When you spend so weeks preparing for your next trophy fish. When you spend enormous amounts of cash on fuel and travel. When the fish you are after – is the fish of your life…then…you should be carrying a Shimano Stella SW 6000 XGC.

Stoked! Johan Wessels good to go with his go-to Shimano Stella SW 6000 HG. Nicaragua, chasing tarpon. Late 2019. He caught plenty!


Tarpon. GT. Yellowtail. Wahoo. Dorado. Couta. Garrick. Kob…and so forth – you go into battle.

The Shimano Stella SW 6000 XGC is a light reel that can be paired with a lighter rod – making it easy for anybody on the boat to operate. And yet, with this compact ability, comes a helluva drag. Smooth and infinitely strong – you can really put the brakes on with these little reels.

This makes them a favorite for smaller dudes like me, and youngsters and ladies too. They are also great for when your fishing spot is a few hours trek down the bush, or across some mountains or something interesting like what happens in the Transkei sometimes. Such a light rig, with so much capability.

Enough capability for… Billfish even. Sailfish for sure, but also, small marlin are just about the most fun ever, on a spinning reel. We have a friend who loves catching marlin on his Stella?! Used for bait and switch they are super-slick and efficient as the fish feels absolutely nothing and it’s impossible to overwind whilst dropping back. Win-win.

Check it out…

Johan used a Shimano Stella SW 6000 HG to catch and release this beast of a tarpon. Happiness is...another huge tarpon for Johan Wessels
Happiness is…another huge tarpon for Johan Wessels on his Shimano Stella SW 6000 HG reel.

Johan Wessels of the Fishing Pro Shop, recently chose the Shimano Stella SW 6000 XGC as his weapon of choice, when he went flying across the globe after his dream fish – the tarpon.

Of Nicaragua!

For a few hectic days, Johan put his Stella 6000 through the tortures of chasing, hooking and fighting huge tarpon to the boat. You can read all about that adventure by following this link…

If you would like to chat more Stella language and terminology, after all these are very technical reels, please don’t hesitate to give Johan at the Fishing Pro Shop a call. Or drop him an email on, and ask him a few questions about these serious reels. And the nuances between the different models. And what they are best applied to. Or use this quick form right here…

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