Shimano Stradic


Shimano Stradic

1000 3KG 5.1:1 10LB 100M 185 GRAMS 6+1 BEARINGS
C3000 9KG 6.1:1 10LB 200M 225 GRAMS 6+1 BEARINGS
C5000 11KG 6.2:1 20LB 300M 295 GRAMS 6+1 BEARINGS


The Shimano Stradic FL is the latest evolution of the Stradic range bringing anglers the next generation of the spinning reel.

This evolution brings with it improved casting, smoother reeling, and increased durability.

The newest addition is the Micromodule Gear II, an upgrade on the surfaces of the drive and pinion gear means that reel noise is reduced as the gears work in a much smoother way, and the SilentDrive technology, which reduces the smallest of clearance gaps and wobbles within the gearing system.

Along with the Hagane Gear, this means that winding is silky smooth, and pristine silence has been achieved. X-Protect has also been added to the Stradic FL giving the reel a superior level of waterproofing performance without impeding the rotation or lightness of the reel.


The 1000 size is ideal for thin braid, even monos… Pair with the correct finesse rod and this little reel will have you covered for everything from art lure, bream, bass to light saltwater drop shot.

The C3000 is the “in-between” reel in the range that offers the most versatility. Spooled with 300yds of 15lb braid this reel will be perfect for everything from bass, estuary angling to light-medium saltwater drop-shot and shore jigging.

The C5000 is the big brother in this range. Here at FPS, we believe this is a great reel for any tiger fishing trip to the Zambezi.

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C3000, C5000

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