Shimano Talica 25 2-Speed


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Shimano Talica 25 2-Speed

Shimano Talica 25 2-Speed is the pinnacle of the small lever drag reel design.

This reel was designed from the ground up to be an excellent casting reel! This feature makes this reel popular with anglers targeting big sharks!

However, this reel is most popular with the hard-core offshore anglers targeting big fish on powerful light tackle. The drag is ultra-smooth and extremely powerful to handle long battles with big game fish.

These reels were purpose-built to take advantage of modern braided lines such as Power Pro Hollow Ace and shorter fluorocarbon leaders.

At Fishing Pro Shop we can confirm that these reels are best used with strong braided backing and short top shots. The drag cams that are available in the local market go from a light drag to strong in a few short clicks… So be wary when fishing 20lb IGFA!!!

This “QUICK” drag is ideal for pitching baits with circle hooks to marlin or sailfish when bait and switching.

Spool up with 600 meters of quality 50-65 pound braid, add a top shot of 50lb mono, and this reel will have in the game with most fish!!!

This reel features a high-speed gear ratio of 5.2:1 ensuring that you are always in touch with your catch.

Line capacity comes in at 550 meters of 30lb mono, making this reel ideal for most fish of our east coast…

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