Shimano Tiagra Bent Butt


Available in 80 and 130-lb 2-piece rod


Shimano Tiagra Bent Butt


The Shimano Tiagra Bent Butt Trolling rod is surely the most popular rod in South Africa for targeting Marlin using a fighting chair.

These fine rods only use the best fittings like AFTCO roller guides and PacBay bent butts, these components are world renowned for reliable performance under the most taxing conditions.

It is vitally important to ensure that the roller guide will accept 80/130-pound class biminis and 400lb class plus wind-on leaders.

The rod is also long enough to clear the gunnels of most boats ensuring that you land your prized catch!

These rods are best matched with a Shimano Tiagra 80 or 130 reels, but Penn International and Alutecnos will all do the trick just fine.

It is important to remember that these rods are made for the fighting chair where it is important that the rod is long enough to clear the gunnels. This means that this rod is far from ideal for stand-up fishing.

We stock a range of shorter rods with parabolic actions for stand-up!

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we carry the Shimano Tiagra Bent Butt in both the 80 and 130lb class rods.


80lb, 130lb

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