Shimano Tribal TX4


Shimano Tribal TX4

Shimano Tribal TX4 is a mid-priced rod that is big on attitude and performance for specimen carp anglers!

The TX4 consists of both a 10 and 12-ft rod, covering you for everything that you may encounter. Whether boat or casting from shore…

This rod offers fantastic value with the performance you’d expect from a far pricier rod!

Built on Full Carbon blanks with HPC technology and Biofibre reinforcing, the TX-4 range squeezes every bit of performance.

Fitted with SIC guides, a great-looking Shimano Woven Carbon DPS reel seat, a small front EVA grip, and a slim grip handle with an in-built rest stopper!
The TX4 range of rods is the perfect choice for the all-around carp angler as they allow the option of adapting to whatever the fishing situation requires.

Whether that be fishing zig rigs on one session, solid bags on another, or casting to the horizon when fish may have pushed out.
With a conscientious price point for anglers without a limitless budget!



10ft 3.25Lb, 12ft 3.5Lb

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