Shimano Tyrnos 30


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Shimano Tyrnos 30

The Shimano Tyrnos 30. It’s rated a 30, a fair bit smaller than the Tiagra 30W series, but still packs a lot of punch in a smallish reel!

This reel can do anything you ask of it. It’s geared and balanced perfectly. It is the single-speed model. You do not need two speeds at this line class in any case. That can actually work against you, if the setting is wrong or when your charter guests start fiddling!

The reel is designed for high-energy game and billfish, Tunas, and Coutas. It is a high-performance reel that can really be put through its paces. This is tournament and world-record beating equipment.

Tyrnos 30 features 4 ARB bearings, huge drag that can put 15kgs of smooth pressure on a fast gamefish, solid gearing, and saltwater proofing.

Combine all that with a mind-blowing 5 to 1 gear ratio. No fish will ever be able to come back at you mid-fight!

The Shimano Tyrnos 30 single speed is completely saltwater ready. All you need to do is that daily gentle rinse, a little spray every now and then, and a seasonal stripping down with new oil and grease. Follow this simple procedure for a lifetime of service for your 30.

This reel is built to last. And last during a tussle too. The line capacity is just enough to keep you out of trouble – if you run a decent braid backing at like 50lb, and then a top-shot at the class you wish to angle, you can chop and change will nilly never having to worry about capacity ever again.

If you would like to discuss the Tyrnos range or other trolling reels, please feel free to drop us a line via this quick form, and we will get straight back to you…

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