Shimano Ultegra XT-D


Shimano Ultegra XT-D

Shimano Ultegra XT-D big pit reel has become the gold standard for specimen carp fishing across South Africa.


Ultegra XT-D 5500 15KG 5,3:1 0.30-390M 500 GRAM 4+1 BEARINGS
Ultegra XT-D 14000 20KG 4,3:1 0,35-550M 645 GRAM 4+1 BEARINGS


The Ultegra XT-D is developed with the carp angler in mind and the new reel will immediately catch the eye of the avid carp angler!

With improved matt black cosmetics, this reel will be the envy of every angler on the bank.

In addition to the new Ultegra reels, the package is equipped with 1 extra spool and various types of line reducers. The Ultegra 14000 XT-D has 2x line reducers (10000/3500) and the 5500-series also has 2x line reducers (4500/3500). In combination with the line reducers, the Ultegra XT-D gives the carp angler the opportunity to fish with different types of lines and respective line capacities according to the actual circumstances on the bank.

The multi-disc Instant Drag facility enables free spool to full power setting in just half a turn of the front drag knob! Allowing the angler to instantly fight the fish on the other end of the line.

Packed with unique features like X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation on the 14000, and  Slow Oscillation on 5500.  Aero Wrap II provides perfect line lay every time, and Instant Drag gives the carp angler the confidence to challenge the biggest carps in our dams.

The 14000 model is very popular with long-range carp anglers as it takes over 600m of 25lb braid and the ultra-strong gears are perfect for shifting heavyweights back to shore.

Reel Size

5500, 14000

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