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SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 has become the gold standard for surface frogs, designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler Dean Rojas it is a perfectly balanced, weedless design sporting ultra sharp Gamakatsu hooks.

Ideal for throwing deep into thick surface cover, the SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 can be twitched, burned or just paused and will get massive reaction bites from the biggest bass around… We have in the past also managed to catch non target species such as barbel on the SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60.

Many of our traveling clients have also caught fish such as Peacock bass and Rainbow Bass on the SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 while on adventures in South and Central America.

We suggest that you fish the SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 on strong braided line,  a stout seven foot plus rod and a high gear ratio bait caster  with a good drag system…

The SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 is available in a wide range of fish catching colors from bright jungle colors to neutral shades that will almost perfectly resemble natural forage.

So, whether you are chasing the ultimate surface bite in some remote jungle swamp, pond hopping for a personal best bass or your next tournament win you will not be disappointed with a SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 at the end of your line…

Top tip from Fishing Pro Shop with this lure:

Avoid using fluorocarbon line with the SPRO BRONZEYE FROG JR 60 as this will drag the nose of the lure down and although you will still get bites it will greatly affect the action of the lure and if you can help it stay away from mono lines as these stretchy lines will not result in the best hook sets. Rods that have a semi fast tip action will aid with the walk the dog action.

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Post by The Sardine News for The Fishing Pro Shop.


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