Stroft Mono Tippet


50m, Silicone-PTFE Tempered Monofil, Transparent


Stroft Mono Tippet

Stroft Mono Tippet is maybe the worst kept secret of competitive anglers nymphing for yellowfish on the Vaal.

This copolymer has excellent knot strength and the grey color just disappears…

Pop into your Fishing Pro Shop before your next trip to the Vaal.

Breaking Strain

0.10mm 1,4kg, 0.12mm 1,8kg, 0.14mm 2,3kg, 0.15mm 2,6kg, 0.16mm 3kg, 0.18mm 3,6kg, 0.20mm 4,2kg, 0.22mm 5,1kg, 0.25mm 6,4kg


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