Sunline FC Sniper


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Sunline FC Sniper

Sunline FC Sniper is Sunline America’s best-selling product for a reason. Perfect for a range of bass fishing applications!

The bass pros love Sniper for its’ versatility and manageability. Sniper is a great choice for bait-casting tackle.

It features a triple resin processing to give high abrasion resistance, low memory, suppleness, long life, and uniform line diameter.

We stock this line from 8-20 lb!

The pros favor it for its combination of strength and how well it performs on spinning reels. Larger sizes perform well for all bait casters.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we stock a wide range of bass tackle for all anglers,

For more info contact us on 012 809 3334 or visit instore.

Breaking Strain

8Lb, 10Lb, 12Lb, 14Lb, 16Lb, 20Lb

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