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TFO AXIOM II 9″ 6WT has been engineered to fit the angler, optimized to TFO’s three-dimensional approach of casting a fly, hooking, and then landing the fish.

The engineering and materials in the Axiom II rod satisfy the broadest range of casting styles and strokes. Whether short and powerful or long and smooth, the rod will accept the caster without the need to adapt stroke to rod action.

The Axiom 2 design is the most efficient energy delivery tool that our legendary Advisory Staff designers have tested to date. Easy to load, quick in unloading, which also ensures accurate and true tracking. No bounce, shock, and no wobble on the stop. The  Axiom 2 rods are smooth and efficient casting tools.

The last and possibly most gratifying job a rod has is to bring the fish to hand so you can capture the “Kodak,” moment for all times.

At or near 90-degrees to the fish’s pull, a rod is a long shock absorber that helps protect lighter tippets. At 45-degrees, the effective lever shortens and the bottom half of the rod now has bend, has more power, and allows you to put more pressure on a fish. Heavy tippet and big strong fish allow for fighting angles that are very slight – think 15 to 25-degrees. The bend or load is now down in the butt – in the most powerful part of the rod. The Axiom 2 design accommodates all three and lets you choose how and when to apply pressure.

This rod will be at home both on the Vaal river and all still water in South Africa.

Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria has been a proud stockist of TFO rods for over 12 years.

TFO offers excellent back-up in South Africa and most breakage/warranty issues will be resolved in a few days.

The range…

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Post by The Sardine News for The Fishing Pro Shop.

Post by The Sardine News for The Fishing Pro Shop.


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