Zacatak Medium Sprocket


Zacatak Medium Sprocket

Zacatak Medium Sprocket is an all-time favorite with many of our successful billfish clients!

Hell, I caught my first Blue Marlin on one of these at Sodwana Bay!

I believe this lure is so successful because it is such an easy lure to pull. This long-rigger lure simply swims in any sea conditions!

The world-famous colour here is the Green Lumo Sprocket… But don’t forget the Secret Stripey or Evil…

Perfectly sized for early season Striped Marlin and best rigged on 300lb leader with 9/0 hook sets.

This lure is nearly 27cm long with a thin profile.

Here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we carry one of the widest selections of premium Marlin lures. From Black Bart, Big T, Zacatak, Pulsator, and many more!

For more info on our custom rigging options call us on 012 809 3334.

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Electric Dorado, Evil, Secret Stripey, Green Lumo, Green Lantern

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