Zoom Curly Tail


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Zoom Curly Tail

The Zoom Curly Tail features a short, tightly-segmented body paired with a ribbon-style tail that flutters and waves with the slightest provocation, providing great swimming action. It’s fantastic on a downsized Texas rig or a shaky head, but don’t hesitate to Carolina rig it when fish are keyed on smaller, highly active baitfish.

  • Size = 4 inches
  • Finesse worm
  • Small segmented body with an oversized swimming tail
  • Salt-impregnated
  • The Curly Tail is the best of all worlds in a finesse package, not too big but enough action to move water and call fish from a distance

As kids growing up this was our go-to bait to check if there was bass in a pond! If there is a bass in a dam it will eat this bait!

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