Ruan Erasmus

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Carp Fishing, Freshwater Fishing. 

Ruan has been involved in the Fishing Industry for many years and is very well known and respected.  He is very knowledgeable on all types of freshwater angling but Carp are his specialty.  From normal Bait Fishing for Carp to the finest techniques in Specimen Carp Angling, Ruan knows it all.  He is very well known and respected in Specimen Carp Angling circles and his range of D.B Baits is popular in the community.  Ruan has fished in the World Specimen Carp Championship twice and this has been an amazing experience.  Fishing at this level gives one a new level of understanding and this has served him well in all of his fishing.  He is always prepared to help and advise and has the expertise to back it up.

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