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Ruans Limpopo Carp Session

Limpopo carp fishing by Ruan Erasmus

Ruans Limpopo Carp Session

Join the Fishing Pro Shop team in the nature-lovers paradise that is Limpopo. With Ruan Erasmus and colleague as he voyages out into the bush in search of those screamer carp. Carp fishing is really hot right now so you can use this informative and entertaining article for inspiration to get you out into the wild! Over to Ruan…

Limpopo: This time of year is definitely my favorite time to fish for big carp, with carp being close to spawn they are bigger in weight, and much more good looking than they would be in summer months. I am off to a farm dam in Limpopo Province, from past experience I knew that fishing here for big carp is not easy at all. With much excitement I left at 4 AM in the morning to be there as early as I can be, seeing that the fish tend to feed more in the earlier hours of the morning, than later in the day.


As we arrived in Limpopo, we could feel that it’s getting hot very early and first decided to pitch up camp to just to have some shade for the warm day that is upon us. After our feed was prepared it was time to get our lines in the water. As this venue can be really tough to catch decent carp, placing your baits in the right areas was crucial. From previous experience at the venue, this was the most important thing to get right. We spent a couple of hours on the water trying to see were fish was feeding and decided to place 2 rods in the deeper water close to the structure. The other 2 rods will be against the margins in the shallower waters. Our first night went without any fish, but an amazing sunset made us feel a bit more relaxed.

We had no fish during our first night, on 10 AM the morning of day 2, my fishing partner Herman Engelbrecht had a screaming take on his left-hand rod that was placed in the deeper water near the structure. We jumped on the boat to get to the fish before it could get any change of snagging his line, Herman landed a nice healthy 15.2kg Common Carp.

DB Baits

Herman bait of choice was a single DB Baits Tigernut ( Pineapple flavor) with a little piece of foam on top of the bait just to make the bait more buoyant. He used a standard lead core rig with a safety clip, tying a fluorocarbon D-Rig on a size 4 Korda Wide gap hook.
The rest of the day produced no fish for us, only that night at 9 PM, I had a screaming take on my middle rod. Herman quickly gathered the boat and in we went out again, just to make sure the fish don’t snag our line, after about 30mins on the boat I landed a Limpopo Common Carp of 16.95 kg.

My choice of hook bait, a DB Baits Spearmint tigernut, with a standard lead core and safety clip, my hooklink part was a combi blowback rig with a size 4 Fox Wide gap hook. My ground feed consisted out of just plain Tigernuts and Hempseed. This fish made it worth waiting for.

Morning of day 3 I caught another decent Common Carp of 14.0kg, the same presentation was used on which I caught the 16.95kg Carp on. This fish took us straight into the reeds before we could get to it by boat, Herman didn’t hesitate at all, and quickly grabbed the line and started to break of the reeds which the line was tangled on. By this stage Herman body was halfway in under the water trying to get the line loose. After a while, i could just see the fish is still on the line, and it came loose heading back to the deeper water again, you could see the relief on our faces. We landed the fish and headed back to our camp, a great result for us after all that happened.

Locating big carp

With the wind that turned from North to South East these fish were the last one for our session, but still a trip I would remember for a lifetime. One thing I learned over the years of Specimen Carp angling is that location is key. If you can locate the Carp, and target the areas that they are in, your catch rate will definitely improve.
Tight lines.
Ruan Erasmus

Thank you Ruan for that excellent and informative article. Sounds like Kwaggashoek is the place to be if huge carp are your game. Get in touch with Ruan at the Fishing Pro Shop for any advice or guidance you may need! Stand by for the next hot carp fishing destination!

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