Black Bart 1656 Angle


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Black Bart 1656 Angle

The Black Bart 1656 Angle has been a favorite go-to lure of most Marlin fishermen of places like Sodwana and Richards Bay.

The 1656 series runs straight and true in most sea conditions with a long enticing bubble trail!

We have found this lure to best suited to the long positions, where this straight runner gets excellent hook-ups!

The 1656 Angle has made a name for itself by catching monster Blue and Black Marlin all across the globe. However, this fish magnet continues to surprise with a constant bye-catch of Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, and other smaller billfish species like Short Bill Spearfish and even Sailfish!

The late Bart Miller had this to say about his favorite: “A sure thing offshore- a real no-brainer one of my all-time favorites. This deep runner with a smooth torpedo action tracks best from the rigger position, trolled at moderate speeds in most weather. Often copied never duplicated, top Captains around the world have called this single lure their personal favorite. Who am I to argue, it caught my largest blue marlin “1656 lbs.”

The 1656 Angle nose performs best with a 10/0 hook set.

Here are some technical details from the Black Bart team:

Specifications: Hard Head
Skirted Weight: 8.5 oz / 241 grams
Head Length: 3.2″ / 81mm
Head Diameter: 1.5” / 38mm
Skirted Length: 14.5” / 368mm
Leader: 400 – 600 lbs.
Replacement Skirt Size: S5

Check out this video from Bart.

Fishing Pro Shop has been a proud stockist of Black Bart Lures for over 10 years!

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