Black Bart Abaco Prowler


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Black Bart Abaco Prowler

The Black Bart Abaco Prowler has been an all-weather favorite with many of our happy customers reporting big angry blue and black marlin in the spread!!!

Does not matter if you are fishing off a 16-foot ski boat or a 60-foot sport-fisher. You can be confident, as long as this Bart is connected to an 80-plus size reel with at least a 400lb leader.

Standard with a big cup and four jet heads the Black Bart Abaco Prowler Dolphin will dive down deep and stay there with a massive bubble trail following her! She runs like a torpedo out of a World War II movie. Straight and true…

This adds to excellent hook-ups on those big Blue Marlin that frequent our coast from late February into early June.

This is a lure you can’t afford not to have working in your pattern, some will even pull it as a teaser, but I would struggle to take a set of 12/0 hooks out of this marlin razing machine…

The Abaco Prowler is as good as it gets on a short rigger, hell, you can even pull this lure directly from the corner!

Rig with 11/0 or 12/0 hooks, consider a 10/0 early season when those Striped Marlin are about, but be warned… This lure catches BIG MARLIN!

Check out this video:

Fishing Pro Shop has been a proud stockist of Black Bart Lures for over 10 years!

Want to talk Black Bart lures or custom rigging? Feel free to call us on 012 809 3334…

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