Black Bart Pro Jet


Hand Made / Head Colours Will Vary / Contact us for Specifics

Black Bart Pro Jet

Black Bart Pro Jet is the perfect lure for Tuna. Yellowfin, Big Eye, or Bluefin…

None of them can turn down this quick-moving aggressive jet. The P.J. is my personal favorite all-around game fish lure, all tackle, all-weather, all speeds.

Best rigged it with 7/0 hooks…

We have had excellent success fishing the ProJet for Wahoo at Cape Vidal and pretty much everywhere else where we have fished it!

We sell all our lures unrigged, but we are happy to rig any lure to your exact specifications.

For more info on our wide range of premium big game tackle call Johan Wessels on 012 809 3334.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Pretoria store!



Mackerel Pink, Glow Green Chart, BPS/PUF, BLUE WHITE, BLY/RA

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