Double X Shock Leader


Double X Shock Leader

Double X Shock Leader is a firm favourite for all sorts of fishing applications.

The range begins at a light 20lb for light tackle fishing all the way to a 180lb beast that will easily cover most saltwater applications.

We have used the Shockleader with great success on everything! From Blacktails to Tarpon to Marlin…

This is a very low memory leader material that has excellent knot strength and ultra-low visibility below the water…

An extra bonus is the spools that they come with, ensuring that everything stays need and tidy!

We stock a wide range of leaders here at Fishing Pro Shop! We have you covered all the way from mountain trout to the biggest of Saltwater beasts!

For more info call us on 012 809 3334

Breaking Strain+ Spool Length

20lb 50m, 30lb 50m, 40lb 50m, 50lb 50m, 60lb 50m, 80lb 50m, 100lb 50m, 120lb 50m, 150lb 50m, 180lb 40m

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