Loon APEX HD Pliers


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Loon APEX HD Pliers

The Loon Apex HD Pliers is a heavy-duty, do-everything plier! Perfect for removing hooks and flattening barbs!

This plier is robust enough to be the only plier on the boat but light enough to be clipped comfortably to board shorts!

The Apex HD Plier is the perfect companion for any outing involving big flies and big fish.

Constructed of lightweight aluminum, housed in a durable rubber sheath, and secured with a coated steel-core tether, the entire system can withstand salt, neglect, heavy use, and abuse.

The built-in cutter will handle whatever you throw at it and truly makes these the only tool that is necessary for a big day of chasing big predators.

Apex tools were designed with the best fresh and saltwater guides on earth to handle the most demanding fish and fisheries out there

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