25m / 27.3 yards (approx ) per spool


No tyer can be without a range of fluoro threads in their tying kit and Semperfli Fluoro Brite is a great choice. Fluoro Brite is a twisted fluorescent thread. To get it to lay perfectly flat simply untwist with your bobbin holder and then Fluoro Brite can be used as a flat floss. Fluoro Brite has the most vibrant UV which the fish will find irresistible. Fluoro Brite has been specially formulated for fluorescence and comes in 240 denier (3/0). It is recommended for hooks 10 to 2/0 but if you want to use it for smaller flies, you can split it down further. Use it as a hotspot, for ribbing, a body, or even a fab hotspot tail! For tails, we fold Fluoro Brite four times in a loop and tie it in the tail of a fly, cut to length then tease the fibers apart with a dubbing brush and you get an astounding crinkled tail with what looks like little firelights on the tail of your fly.

Since Joseph Keen’s book – Fluorescent Flies (1964) and Thomas Clegg’s book, The Truth About Fluorescents (1967) fly tyers have been working with fluorescent materials. We decided to make a fluorescent thread with advantages that it could be used as a tying thread or as a floss, could be untwisted with the bobbin, and used as a floss. Fluoro Brite was born to be different. What is well known is that fluorescent materials do attract trout, salmon, and other species. We cannot see material effects except under a UV torch where we see the glow. But with their visual rods and cones capable of seeing into the UV spectrum many fish species see this as a light in the dark. Fluorescent materials work well one hour before daylight and one hour after nightfall. This is because even though we cannot see them, UV rays from the sun still hit the water and ignite your flies.

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