Shimano Tyrnos 


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Shimano Tyrnos

Tyrnos 16 15 KG 5.0:1  10KG 450M   819 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
Tyrnos 20 15 KG 5.0:1  10 KG 600M 1021 GRAM
Tyrnos 30 15 KG 5.0:1  15KG 600M 1080 GRAM


The Shimano Tyrnos might just be the ultimate fishing reel for over here in Southern African waters. It’s tough and durable. Very capable and doesn’t break the bank!

This is the step-up from the beloved TLD range.

Sure it is more expensive, but you get so much more!!!

The gear ratio is higher, making it ideal for fish that change direction on a penny!

This is the one-speed model. We quite like the simplicity and believe that the single high-speed retrieve of 5.0:1 is more than sufficient for most fish that one will encounter on the east coast of Africa.

The Tyrnos are ideal for species like couta, sailfish, and tuna!

All metal construction makes it feel like an armored fighting vehicle, and when you turn the bigger power handle you will know that this is no TLD!

The gear is much bigger and the whole system is more waterproof.

It is perfect for trolling or pitching…

Pair with a matching rod and you are good to go!!!

We range the following models:

-Tyrnos 16

-Tyrnos 20

-Tyrnos 30

If you would like to discuss the Tyrnos series of reels or other trolling reel options, please feel free to call us on 012 809 3334.

We are Facebook at HTTP://

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Reel Size

16, 20, 30

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