Signature Series Dips – 50ml


50ml Dips – Assorted Flavours

Signature Series Dips – 50ml

Signature Series Dips – 50ML is revolutionizing Carp Fishing for the Discerning Angler.

At our online store, we strive to bring you the latest and most effective tools to enhance your fishing experience. We are proud to present the Signature Series 50ml Dips, a game-changing innovation designed specifically for carp fishermen. This product is set to revolutionize your angling strategies and optimize your success on the water.

The Signature Series 50ml Dips offer a range of benefits that will undoubtedly elevate your carp fishing endeavors. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these dips are formulated with a blend of potent attractants and enhancers, specifically chosen to entice and hook carp with unparalleled effectiveness.

One of the standout advantages of these 50ml Dips is their versatility. Whether you prefer using boilies, pellets, or particles as bait, these dips can be easily applied to complement your chosen presentation. The range of enticing flavors available, carefully crafted based on years of research and angler feedback, ensures that you can match the prevailing conditions and cater to the carp’s preferences, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Moreover, the convenient 50ml size of these dips is perfect for anglers on the move. Compact and easy to carry, they can be stored in your tackle box without taking up too much space. This makes them an ideal companion for your fishing trips, ensuring you always have the essential attractants readily available to enhance your bait and entice those elusive carp.

The Signature Series Dips is a groundbreaking innovation designed to benefit carp fishermen in countless ways. From their potent and versatile formula to their compact and convenient size, these dips have been created with the dedicated angler in mind.

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Double Chocolate, Why Not, Scallion, Menthol Muddy, Krismis (Honey), Peanut Punch, Moerby, Wiskunde, Berry Luscious, Spicy Curry, Bunspice 101, T-Rex (Garlic), Plink, Grasgogga, R2K (Rose), T&T, Peppermint Crisp, F2 Fifty, Raptor Banana, Raptor Pink (Banana), Rooi Juliass, Energy Peach, Dazzled, Spitfire (Clove), Mystic Spice, Jakalas, Confusion (Fruit), Turbo Garlic, B.G. (Granadilla), Paint (Spirits), Baber Muti, RKO Flowers, Strawlic, Banker, Tjop-Tjop, DKW (Honey), Banlic, Bloemhof 21, Neskwick, HKGK (Maize), Yellow Raptor (Banana), Kiana (Musk), Ching Chong Cha, Juliass, Hoekom Bloekom, Bass + (TCP), Almond Supreme, Level5 Feedmix, Caramel + (X F), Strike (Garlic), Stokstyf (Citrus), Cold Front (TCP), Strawberry Jam, Uz-zo (Aniseed), BOOM!, Schallas

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