Sea Passion Slow Rave 200g


Advanced Centre Balance Slow Pitch Jigs. The Sea Passion Slow Rave 200g jig is a slow pitch jig, perfect for a range of reef and game fish species!

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Sea Passion Slow Rave 200g

The Sea Passion Slow Rave 200g jig is a slow pitch jig.

Slow Pitch Jigs are designed to emulate injured baitfish with an erratic free fall movement, horizontal flutter, and erratic darting and flashing with each sweep of the rod tip.

All these jigs feature “Lumo” vertical barring!

Although slow pitch jigging might be targeted at bottom fish, the technique has proven equally effective for game fish, and is a lot easier on the body than speed jigging!

These jigs come unrigged due to the specialty of this technique, but here at Fishing Pro Shop in Pretoria, we carry a wide range of assist rigs to fit any jig for any fish species!


Ghost Silver Glow, Pink Glow


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